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5 Ways To Keep Your Marriage Fun & Healthy

Good morning you beautiful married people!! Well I assume you’re married if you’ve found your way to this blog entry. If not, you are still welcome and honestly, kudos for doing your research before you get into the long game of marriage. Now we know “adulting” is a hard gig to keep up with, and if you’re married it can be all that more difficult.  That’s why we decided to share some secret weapons that will make your marriage not only more fun, but healthy too. Scouts honor they’re easy and realistic, so keep on reading!

1.) Play A Bit Of Dress Up

Ladies and gents (yes we are talking to you too dudes) dress up, and mix it up!  Dressing out of your usual color scheme or style will help you keep a sense of self, while simultaneously making you less predictable. We all tend to get stuck in what’s comfortable, what’s age appropriate, and what literally takes no effort. Now, does that sound like a wardrobe that would excite someone?  Especially someone that literally sees you everyday! Some simple ways to diversify your look for my lady friends, is style your hair differently and wear different genres of clothing through out the week. For example, if you looked all business and no play for the majority Monday-Friday, whip out some sky high-heels, throw on a leather jacket, and slide into a skimpy top! Or, if you looked like a soccer mom yesterday, maybe try looking more edgy the next. For the guys, please for the love of all that is holy, wear ANYTHING but your favorite “going out shirt,” and dad jeans you have worn the last hundred times you’ve went out together! Don’t have any ideas? Allow your wife to pick you out an outfit that she has been waiting to see you in your whole relationship! And vice versa, dressing each other for a date night is a great way to reconnect, and get an idea of what your spouse thinks is sexy! 

2.) Do Something You Both Did As A Child

Sometimes all you need to get in touch with your childish enthusiasm, is a quick little blast from the past. Life is one serious cookie, and everyone needs a little recess here and there!  Some of my favorites are: the skating rink, playing horse aka shootin hoops, throwing the ol baseball around, or even a board game.  Now ladies/gents if you are not athletic and/or uncoordinated, just make sure that every time you fall or go to pick up the millionth ball you’ve missed, do a little bend and snap. Works every time!!!  Plain and simple, playing again makes you more playful, encourages laughter, and will bring a breath of fresh air into your relationship. 

3.) Surprise One Another

Surprising one another does not need to be some huge gesture! If your man looooooovvvessss food (I think this applies for the entire male species) stop by the grocery store and surprise him with his favorite treat, or grab him an afternoon pick me up. When you can, jot down a quick note, or write an entire love letter (and fold it up like you did in high school, sometimes your partner needs to be reminded how much you really love them… IN WORDS lol  Plus can we all agree, hand written letters are extremely romantic. A surprise date night is always a winner, but I suggest having your lover meet you at your destination.  It will remind you of when you were first dating, and will bring back those butterflies! It is also so adorable seeing them walk up to you like it was a first date!

4.) Ask Quality Questions Often. Never Assume You Know Everything About Your Significant Other

This one is super important for the longevity of any relationship!!  People change and grow over their lifetimes, and you always want to grow with your partner, not awaaaaaayyy from your partner.  It is essential to ask each other quality questions, outside of “Hi honey, how was your day?”  A game of inquiry can lead to a giggle, or creates the perfect setting to ask some steamy sexy questions.  One of the funniest moments I’ve had with my husband was when I had asked him who he thought was the most overrated figure in history, and he responded… “Princess Diana” (come on thats pretty funny lol).  Remember, you change so its inevitable your partner will change over time as well, so keep trying to get to know them no matter how far along you are in your marriage/relationship. 

5.) Go Down Memory Lane

A little flashback Friday is a great way to remember how it was in the beginning. Reminiscing about all the good times you’ve had together reminds you and your loved one, why you fell in love in the first place.  Also it might shed some light on things you need to work on as a couple, whether its to be more care free or just enjoy a moment of gratitude.  Although, this isn’t the time to bring up (as they say in Workaholics) old shib. Leave that conversation for a yearly marriage performance meeting lol.  Going through all your old pictures conveniently using up all your iCloud storage, is the ultimate way to get it started.

Well I hope these tips were useful and will encourage you to invest in the well being of your marriage, you and your loved one deserve it!  Also, comment below any tips or tricks you use to keep your marriage spicy, would love to hear about them!

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